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Harp Recitals

The vibrant programs of Lizary Rodríguez Ríos have thrilled international audiences since 1995. These programs take advantage of an eclectic repertoire (classic pieces, arrangements of well-known jazz standards, ethnic folk music) to intrigue audiences and to demonstrate the range and versatility of the harp. Sample programs are available upon request. Lizary is also available for ensemble, orchestra and chamber music performances.



Lizary offers harp lessons in Norwood, Massachusetts for ages eight and up on both lever and pedal harp. Lessons are tailored according to the students' needs and interests. During her studies in Puerto Rico, Arizona and Spain, she received the guidance of truly amazing harp teachers such as María Rosa Vidal (a former student of Henriette Renié), Dr. Carrol McLaughlin and Dr. Maria Rosa Calvo Manzano who have taught her invaluable lessons that she wants to share with all her students. Lizary is furthermore entitled to teach the Suzuki method and welcomes new students for a personal interview free of charge.

Just Married

Wedding Ceremonies

A free consultation without obligation is offered to all prospective wedding clients. You may discuss repertoire possibilities, as well as appropriate harp performance location options. Lizary will be happy to play a selection of harp music on her pedal harp for you. Please contact Lizary in order to set up an appointment.

In the event of rain, high winds or temperatures below 60 or above 90 degrees F, the harpist and instrument must be adequately protected from the elements or must be allowed to perform indoors. Weddings cannot be booked outside from October-April.

Wedding Table Set

Special Events

Lizary's repertoire includes a wide range of classical pieces, as well as her own harp arrangements of popular, folk and Broadway show music. Lizary has an amplifier for indoor events and a smaller amplifier that is battery-powered for outdoor events. There is never an extra charge for providing amplification systems. Special events may include:

Church services
Memorial Services/Funerals
Christmas Events
Corporate Events
Gallery Expositions
Teas, Cocktail hour
Private Gatherings

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